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We Value Your Trust at Claudia Sanchez Photography

Every product and service provided by Claudia Sanchez Photography is backed by a 100% quality guarantee and our attentive customer care.

Every successful service, in our opinion, is the outcome of a committed team effort. We consider you a member of our team, and we depend on you to give us the data we need to continue with your requested services.

Like any other team, we think it’s equally important for us to work together on certain topics. So that you are aware of our dedication to you, we have produced a list for your convenience.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our services or these terms.

We Are Always Happy to Respond to Your Needs

Our highest responsibility is to offer our treasured clients the greatest experience possible with our first-rate services! You can phone us if you have any inquiries, suggestions, complaints, criticisms, or feedback of any kind.

General Information About Our Business

Our Services

Claudia Sanchez photography offers the following services only.

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Sessions
  • Online shop featuring items relevant to photography

Procedure of Photoshoots

  • When you reach out to us for photoshoots, we offer you different packages to choose from.
  • You select the most desirable package, along with a day for availability. If the Photographer is available for the day, we reserve this slot for you.
  • Suppose the package involved studio photoshoots, then you. In that case, the Client will have to arrive at the studio at the appointed date and time when the photo shoot will commence.
  • If the package involves a photo shoot at an event, then the Photographer will arrive at the location you provided in the time previously agreed to commence the photoshoot.
  • The photos will be sent in the same week the photoshoot was arranged. The number of photos you receive will be based on the number mentioned on the package the Client chose.
  • You will be shown a number of edited photos as a demonstration. Once you, the Client, approve the photos, Claudia Sanchez Photography will send the photos in high resolution, which will then be yours to keep.

Terms and Conditions for Photo Edits

We feel it is our highest duty to provide you with accurate information.

Before we start with the photo editing service, Claudia Sanchez Photography will agree on the background and photo to be edited. – After the agreement is made, the details can’t be changed.

The photo editing procedure begins after Claudia Sanchez Photography receives your confirmation and payment.

Claudia Sanchez Photography will send you an email with proof of the edited picture for approval.

The proof is our representation of the completed photo edit, which allows you to make modifications or correct the service before we send you the final edit.

Once the Client approves it, the photo edit cannot be changed.

Terms and Conditions for Photo Sessions

  • Client’s Use: The Client is purchasing prints exclusively for personal use; they are not permitted to resell the prints or let any third parties save the Photographer from making copies of them. Photographer authorizes Client to reproduce a print exclusively in accordance with the Special Usage Requirements if Client is purchasing a print for reproduction. In this situation, the Client shall ask that the Photographer’s copyright and credit notice be included next to the photograph on publication but shall have no recourse if the publisher declines or fails to do so.
  • Social media: This provision applies to all forms of social media, including blogs and Facebook. It is required to credit the Photographer when material is published online. The Client pledges that they will never change any photos that are uploaded on the internet for public viewing. The Client acknowledges that any family member or close friend may share our photos online. Still, they must not be cropped (with the exception of the mandatory cropping for Facebook’s Timeline), changed in color, or otherwise manipulated.
  • Failure to Perform: In the event that the Photographer is unable to carry out the terms of this agreement because of an event beyond the parties’ control or because of problems from the Photographer, the Photographer shall return any money already paid to the Client but shall have no further obligations under the agreement. This limitation of liability shall also apply in the case that photographic materials are lost or destroyed without the Photographer’s fault due to loss or damage during processing, loss due to camera failure, loss in the mail, or other causes. In addition, the Photographer shall not be liable for any sum in excess of the retail value of the Client’s order in the event of the Photographer’s failure to perform for any other reason.
  • Following the photography session, Claudia Sanchez Photography stores client files for up to two years, after which it is no longer responsible for any claims. After this time, backups will be removed, and all client files will be erased.
  • Liability: The customer is accountable for the care of the children; Claudia Sanchez Photography disclaims any liability for any accidents involving children or for any damage to public or private property during the consultation or photo shoot.
  • It is acknowledged that while Claudia Sanchez Photography is working at the location (wedding, portrait, family photography, etc.), no other photographer, whether amateur or professional, shall be permitted to take photographs there. Any violation of this understanding will result in the job not being completed.
  • It is acknowledged that it is the Client’s duty to email the Photographer with any date or location changes for any reason. Any claims for messages provided via social media websites or mobile text messages are not the responsibility of Claudia Sanchez Photography.
  • Cooperation with photographs: If the family or guests are taking photographs, Claudia Sanchez is not liable for any obstructed photographs or photographs that are damaged as a result of separate flashes firing or as a result of any other behavior on the part of guests. Claudia Sanchez Photography is not liable for images that are spoiled or obscured as a result of actions by other vendors or venue staff.
  • Restrictions: If the Client wants to edit a professional photo (from another photographer), they may include written permission of the Photographer due to copyright issues. Photo edits are for personal use only. They can be shared on social media or printed but cannot be used in competitions. You may request a different edit (different price) for this purpose. – Photo edits are not to be used for business. You may request a different edit for this purpose.

Terms and Conditions for Online shop


  • Digital templates cannot be resold, shared, licensed, or distributed on their own
  • Digital templates are created for professional & personal use
  • Digital templates can be used on free and paid editing groups.

Additional Information

  • Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final – no refunds are accepted.
  • It is prohibited to share or resell the Digital templates
  • By purchasing any file from this shop, you accept the terms and conditions.
  • Please send a message if you have any questions.
  • Please send us a message if you have a special request, so I can create it for you.

Legal Issues and Information

Copyright Infringement

The templates may be altered or modified in any way for use in generating products for you or your clients. You may sell prints, cards, books, albums, or other printed or physical products that incorporate the templates in whole or in part (restrictions may apply). However, users are not permitted to claim these designs as their own, resell or redistribute these templates in whole or in part for any reason, or to sell any designs in digital or printed form in any online or offline store.

User Agreement

The user agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Claudia Sanchez Photography and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and representatives from and against any and all liabilities, expenses, losses, damages, and attorney fees resulting from any and all libel, slander, copyright, and trademark infringement claims and lawsuits as well as any other claims resulting from the user’s participation on [website name]. The user further consents to hold Claudia Sanchez Photography harmless from any legal costs that Claudia Sanchez Photography, acting reasonably, incurs in the course of exercising its rights under this agreement or conducting an investigation.

Refund Policy

Due to our business’s policies, all items’ purchases are final.


Payment schedules cannot be changed. Any cancellation efforts will be strictly enforced per the banks’ and/or the legal systems’ cooperation.

You are aware that if you accept these terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for any refunds for any reason. This holds true for both full payments and payment plans.

You are responsible for handling any technical issues with your computer or software. For other goods, Claudia Sanchez Photography does not offer IT support.

When Claudia Sanchez Photography receives a dispute about your effort to terminate a payment plan after the course has been delivered, she will be entitled to and pursue full payment.

Communications with You

With us, all communication is conducted electronically. You will be corresponding with us every time you visit our website or send us an email. You hereby give us permission to contact you. You will receive emails from us on a regular basis if you subscribe to the news on our website. We’ll keep in touch with you by sending you emails, as well as by updating our website with news and announcements. You also acknowledge that any notices, disclosures, agreements, or other communications that we send to you electronically comply with any applicable legal requirements for written notifications and other documents.